“Blogging since 2012, more recently decided to blog little and often about my day to day life as a GB International Swimmer”

A smile can say 1000 words

If you love sport, health, fitness, baking and more specifically swimming, this blog is for you. My name is Aimee Willmott and by now you have probably guessed it… I’m a swimmer – training at the London Aquatic Centre, but proudly born and raised in Middlesbrough!

I am a double Olympian who competed in London 2012, and more recently Rio where I became an Olympic Finalist. I am also a proud multiple Commonwealth and European silver medalist.

I am dyslexic so please don’t be too harsh on my misspelling and don’t worry if you can’t make sense of what I’ve written… it’s me, not you! Auto correct can only help me so much.
Ps: Nobody likes the grammar police!

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Over and Out – Aimee.x