My Teammates giving an extra hand to help me get back in the pool! 

This week has been my first proper week back in the pool since Rio Olympics and I have been struggling with the demands of exercise. I swim for hours & hours a week and normally its no bother at all, but after 6/7 weeks away for a pool it feels 10 times harder than normal. Name a skill and after such a long time out of the water it’s been really hard to do, A) without huffing and puffing, and B) after more than a few lengths my face looks like a tomato. In other words, I am pretty unfit. I did a little bit of splashing about on my holiday in the Sea, and the odd swim here and there, but compared to the 80k I normally average a week in the pool, 6k a week (at most) wasn’t going to cut it.

Normally when I come back after 2-3 weeks off it takes me about a week to get the feel back for the water, so I thought I was going to be in deep, deep trouble. It’s kind of like riding a bike, you never forget, but the first time you get back on after a long time you feel a bit unsteady; that’s the best way for me to describe exactly how it feels in the pool. This time for some unknown reason (probably because my body was craving a rest) I didn’t feel too bad. It was Tuesday morning last week and I started straight in the deep end, and I don’t mean figuratively speaking. I swam 5k on my first session back paired with circuits in the gym and that was me done for the rest of the day… Good job I had no plans as all I did was sleep and eat.

The best part about early season is we get to work on our skills, as the main focus is on technique. The easiest way to do this is through Video analysis so we as swimmer can see exactly what we look like in the pool. This does mean however that we can have a little bit of fun too.

Towards the end of the week training took another step up for the rest of the squad. They have been back in the pool for the last 3 weeks, and somehow I thought I could keep up (ohh how wrong I was)! Lets just say that didn’t turn out too well, as swim with Max kick had me in a whole world of pain. I still have DOMS today, and this was Thursday!

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that anyone who gets in the pool after a long time, or for the first time, will struggle, no matter how talented or experienced you are… but you shouldn’t give up straight away!