Roughly one week ago I landed back on British Soil. After 32 days on my Olympic adventure it felt great to touch down in the UK and know I was finally home. I was one of the lucky athletes to fly back on the British Airways charter flight VictoRIOus. It was so much fun to be on a plane with the majority of Team GB. Athletes, support staff, coaches and team doctors all contribute to the success of the team so it was nice to mingle with them 4000feet in the air. I was sat near most of the Athletics team so I got to chat to a few people I didn’t really get to know in the village. By this point though I didn’t really have much of a voice from all the cheering!


Just after take off we were all given a glass of champagne curtsey of British Airways to toast the success of the team, which was a really nice touch! We even sang the National Anthem on board; sounds cheesy, but it was fab!!


On landing we were greeted to blue skies and a great British welcoming. The runway to the plane was packed with cheering faces as we stepped off the plane. I felt like a bit of a celeb. The clapping continued all through the airport and into passport control. Baggage collection was a bit chaotic as everyone had exactly the same three bags, but we got there in the end. As we walked through to arrivals there was a lovely atmosphere. Everyone’s family, friends and loved ones were waiting to pick up a team GB superstar. I signed some autographs, and said thank you to the people that came to welcome us home, and as I left the airport that was that… back to reality.


The first meal I had was Sausage and Mash with onion gravy, and a bowl of fresh strawberries for dessert. In Rio the food wasn’t amazing so it was nice to enjoy some home cooked British food. Since being back I’ve had to get used to cooking and cleaning up after myself again. In the village all the food is cooked and served for us buffet style so all we have to do it empty our trays into the correct bins.


That night I slept for over 14 hours and had to be woken up at 12 mid day! I had no idea where I was after that much sleep, but it was nice to sleep in my own bed and not be woken up from the noise of the village. It just feels nice to be home!!