Pancakes aren’t just for pancake day!

Pancakes are great for breakfast! When i’m craving something sweet after a tough morning session they are my go-to breakfast of choice!

By the time I get home from morning training it’s normally about 11 o’clock and when I have been exercising from about 6.30 I’m usually pretty hungry and in need of some protein! Porridge or scrambled eggs on toast do the job but they’re not very exciting to eat day in, day out. Protein pancakes make a great alternative and they’re just as healthy!

My Pancake Recipe:

To begin… add 1 cup of oats (I prefer gluten free), 1 egg, 2 scoops of protein powder (any flavour), 2 tbsp of 0% fat greek yoghurt, 1 small ripe banana, and a splash of milk into a blender and blitz together until smooth. You want the mixture to be fairly thick but it still needs to pour fairly easily.
Then pour the mixture into a hot pan with oil (I use a small tsp of coconut oil) so the mixture forms into small pancakes. After a couple of minutes flip the pancakes and cook for a further few minutes on the other side. And thats that! Serve the pancakes on a plate with another large dollop of 0% Total Greek Yoghurt, and add some blueberries!
The antioxidants in the berries help with recovery, so after a hard session the more the merrier… And that’s that!

Why not try these tomorrow morning to kick start your day…