On Saturday I took part in the nations biggest Sports day as part of #IamTeamGB.

I was based at Gateshead International Stadium and the day was a huge success. I was honoured to share it with some other amazing Team GB athletes. They were all Rio 2016 medalists from Rowing, Trampolining and Gymnastics, and all women! There was some serious Girl Power going on throughout the day and I had so much fun with these amazing ladies – even though things got a little competitive.

Left to Right: Amy Tinkler, Katie Greves, Jess Eddie, Myself, Bryony Page, Zoe Lee 🙂

My favourite part of the day was meeting so many young children with a passion for sport, and seeing first hand what effect the Olympics has been having back home. When your in a bubble on the other side of the world you see the support over twitter, and Facebook but we don’t get to see first hand how much the rest of the country at home is buzzing. Knowing I was part of team that created so much inspiration is truly an honour…

This even inspired me to try some activities on the day, as the atmosphere was great. I hadn’t done a lot of the sports on offer during the event since I was in Secondary school, so it was a blast from the past.

As I mentioned earlier the girls got a little bit competitive during the day and decided to have a few little competitions between ourselves. My high jump wasn’t too bad however I took off on two feet, but my long jump wasn’t the best and I came last. I am not a land creature but I still enjoyed it and gave it my best shot. If I can do something completely out of my comfort zone in font of hundreds of people then so can you!!

Get active, get fit, and try something new no matter what age you are. You might even discover a new talent!