Being an athlete is amazing and I am so lucky that I get to call swimming by job! But there are some down sides that come with being a swimmer – especially if you’re a girl. Wet hair 24/7, goggles marks, and the smell of chlorine perfume are some to name a few, but the biggest pain in the bum is when I can’t find a nice dress, or posh frock that fits me properly. As a swimmer we are renown for our large shoulders, big quads and tiny waists so it’s really hard to find clothes that fit properly. I love shopping, and I could spend hours in and out of shops trying on clothes enjoying my very own fashion show, but it isn’t always easy when the zip won’t fasten on a beautiful dress because my back is so broad, or a find a top that fits my shoulders perfectly but looks I’m wearing a tent. My friends and family say there’s nothing wrong with my figure, “you’re an athlete”, “you’ve got a six pack”, “don’t be silly it looks nice”, ect, ect… but that doesn’t help when I know I have an athletic figure. The most annoying part of my body that I don’t really feel comfortable with in clothing is my shoulders. I can’t complain really as my big shoulders are what help me to swim as fast I do, but 9 times of out 10 I don’t like wearing strappy vests, or sleeveless tops as I feel self conscious in them and they are normally really tight under my arm pit. I’m not saying I don’t like my body at all, don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it takes a particular item of clothing for me to feel confident and fall in love with!!

Not too long ago I was looking for a nice outfit to wear to my university Sports Awards, as I was nominated for an award and I was helping present an award, so I wanted to look nice on stage, as any girl would. Normally I would choose something with little cap sleeves, so they covered my shoulders but recently I discovered a brand of clothing that fit me PERFECTLY! And when I say perfectly I actually mean it. This life-saver is Damsel in a Dress. For starters the name of the company is amazing as I feel like a ‘damsel in distress’ usually after trying on lots of clothes store and leaving without a single item as nothing fit me!!! All you girls out there will feel my pain, when you absolutely love a piece of clothing but it just doesn’t fit you in all the places it should.

After a long day shopping I stumbled across the collection by accident. Someone told me the clothing didn’t suit people my age but they couldn’t be more wrong. If it’s good enough for Holly Willoughby, it’s good enough for me!

Me being my usual self picked up all the dresses with long sleeves and high necks, and took them to the changing room but the lady in the department was lovely and picked a few bits for me to try on. Most of the things she suggested I would have never picked myself as they ‘didn’t look good on the hanger’ or they had no sleeves. I’m so glad she did!! I really liked a few of their items, I found a lovely white dress, a sexy black jumpsuit, and a flowery mid length dress that all looked nice on me, but one item stood out – an amazing sleeveless jump suit with a V-neck that I 100% fell in love with straight away. It just hung perfectly around my shoulders, and didn’t give me that awful ‘side boob’ feeling. I didn’t want to take it off. The zip went all the way to the top and it wasn’t tight and uncomfortable. The jumpsuit had a tie around the waist that meant it was really easy to nip in and fit me properly. Everything about it was lovely and the material was such good quality and so soft.

You may probably think I’m exaggerating here, but you’ll just have to go and see for yourself!!!

I felt amazing, super confident and wasn’t worried about having my picture taken as I felt so comfortable and girly in my outfit!

Thank you so much Damsel. I really do #LoveDamsel ❤