Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to train in some amazing costumes and call Funkita Swimwear my sponsors!

What better way to get through the hours of hard work in the pool by looking great!

It’s so important to train in a good costume as the wrong one that causes to much drag, and doesn’t fit properly can make a huge difference to how fast you feel in the water. Funkita Swimwear fits AMAZING… and I’m not just saying this. They also last such a long time. I’ve had costumes that I still wear for training that I started wearing almost two years ago, and they still look practically brand new and haven’t lost their shape. I now have so many that I could wear a different one each session and not wear the same one twice in a week (that’s because I rarely have to throw them away).

They even do some amazing two pieces, which I myself rocked in Rio at the Olympics.

Alongside myself, 3 other Team GB ladies in Rio train in Funkita costumes.



What I’m saying is, if they’re good enough for us, you should try a Funkita for yourself!!